Offshore Services

شرکت فراساحل آریاجاوید

One of the main objectives for the establishment of AOJC is to enhance offshore logistics and support services which are nowadays very much needed in Iran. The decades of experience of AJOC staff at this company for supervising technical and crew management of our associate company, Messrs. Maroos Shipping or other clients such as IOOC, IOEC, etc as well as their personal experiences in their other organizations, known as countries biggest governmental companies, caused the owners and managers of AJOC to concentrate all their efforts in advancing the company as a specialized private offshore entity in Iran. The company is fully oriented with the technical and commercial needs of this industry with its overseas branches and set up in Dubai, Oman and other states in the region that allow it to efficiently perform the required tasks in accordance with relevant international regulations as well as worldwide and local standards at the fastest time and with the best economic costs.

AJOC offshore  fields of activities

  • The provision of all types of offshore vessels such as crew boats, PSV, OSV, Maintenance Vessels, Tug boats, ASD, AHTS, Underwater operations, ROV, etc.
  • Rendering management, crewing and manning together with technical and supply services for all types of offshore vessels, oil fields, oil rigs and platforms.
  • Providing advisory services to offshore industry, risk assessments, risk managements, etc.
  • Bunkering and Supplying of spare parts and consumable materials for offshore vessels, oil rigs and platforms.
  • Rig-move operations, Anchor handling, etc.
  • Provision of divers and all types of underwater operations, surveys, repairs, maintenance, etc.