Arya Javid Offshore Company (AJOC)

AJOC has a number of long term contracts with some of the renowned offshore companies for logistics services as well as ship management and manning activities. The company considers itself committed to a fully qualified services to its customers and has the target of becoming the largest offshore company of the region in its vision.

Management & Staff of the company

Considering that shipping industry is a highly capital intensive and risk oriented activity, the human resources are considered as the prime assets of the company. The company has a flourishing record of success from the time of its establishment and has an increasing number of clients in its pool of customers.

Strong relationship and set up

The company has also a strong and organic relationship with major shipping customers and marine organizations in Iran such as Port and Maritime Organization, Ship Owners Associations, Ship Agent Association and similar administrations in the country and in the region.

Professional Team

The executive experts of the company are well qualified with more than 30 years of shipping activities in their records. The company has also the most outstanding shipping managers of the country in its team that creates a well professional group to assure its clients of the highest quality and efficiency of required service.

Efficient Fleet

Messrs. Arya Javid owns, operates and manages a number of offshore support and logistics vessels such as crew boats, platform supply vessels, Maintenance vessels, etc, some of which have been listed under a separate menu in this presentation.