Our Principles

Our leading principles are Trust and Transparency, Mutual Respect, Quality, and Excellence.

With our top management being considered by many to be amongst the best experienced and qualified in operating various types of ships- Oil Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Chemical Tankers, Liquefied Gas Carriers, Passenger Vessels, Containers Vessels, Offshore vessels and more – we understand our customers need and will deliver quality service to owners each and every time.

The Arya Javid Off-Shore Company (AJOC) aims to offer a wide range of shipping services to the international shipping industry in Europe, Middle East and Far East regions including:

  1. Owning, Managing and operating variety types of vessels.
  2. Supervising all relevant marine activities through domestic and overseas network
  3. Transportation of cargo, (General, Containerized and Bulk Cargoes) including, crude oil and all related oil products by sea.
  4. Provision of Ship Brokering
  5. Executing the highest international safety and quality environmental standards in the owned fleet and the Company’s onshore as well as Off-shore operations

About Us

Arya Javid Off-Shore Company (AJOC), as it is known today was established and registered as part of the Maroos Shipping chain of companies in Tehran in 2015

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier organization in the region and internationally offering a range of value added services to the shipping industry.



شرکت فراساحلی آریا جاوید در نظر دارد با تعدادی تکنسین و کارگر بومی جهت انجام تعمییرات موتورهای دیزل با شرایط ذیل همکاری نماید.

  • دارای تجربه کافی و سابقه کار حداقل چهار سال در فعالیت مرتبط.
  • دارای عدم سوء پیشینه و انجام آزمایش اعتیاد.
  • گواهی بیمه بیکاری و یا فسخ قرارداد با کارفرمای قبلی، قبل از عقد قرار داد با این شرکت.
  • ارائه سفته به میزان 3 برابر حقوق یک ماه به عنوان حسن انجام تعهدات.

متقاضیان میبایست به سایت www.aryajavid.com  در قسمت جذب نیرو رجوع کرده و پس از تکمیل نمودن رزومه کاری، آن را به آدرس الکترونیکی info@aryajavid.com ارسال نمایند.

لازم به ذکر است، به کار گیری هر تخصص منوط به انجام مصاحبه فنی و اخذ تائیده از کارشناس مربوطه خواهد بود.

دریافت نمونه فرم رزومه 




Address : Unit 17 - 4th. Floor - #21 Southern Block
Vanak Ave.  Tehran - Iran   Postal Code : 1991943855
Tel : +98 (0) 21 88873543-7  Fax : +98 (0) 21 88678120

Email: info@aryajavid.com    Website: www.aryajavid.com

Reg. No.:480708    IMO No.:5897124